Metal export packing

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ASTURCEME is a company founded in 1998 that specializes in the manufacture of metal packaging, primarily for the transportation of motorcycles to be exported. We have extensive experience in this field with continuous supplies to companies such as ThyssenKrupp, Kone Elevators, EEC APTA and specially Suzuki Motor Spain, company for which we have worked for the last eight years during which we managed to integrate perfectly into their production process, in accordance with their guidelines and philosophy. The production process we develop is “Just In Time”, supported since 2003 with ISO 9001 Quality Certification. Also we have always fullfilled the requirements of our customers in delivery times, as in "zero" defects. Noteworthy in this section that Suzuki has a permanent classification for its suppliers and Asturceme has always been at the top of this ranking.

The production of each packaging starts with the individual manufacturing of the different profiles that compose it. This process is performed starting from galvanized metal sheet shaped in folding machines. These profiles are assembled on our premises by welding or clinching points (strain assembly system), forming the various bodies that make up the packages (base, canopies, front, ...). Subsequently, the assembly of the various bodies that make up the packaging, is done only by means of screws through the placement of threaded inserts, which guarantee a fast, simple and clean connection in the customer's premises. On the following, we will detail some of the benefits of using the metal packaging
Adaptive Capacity
Thanks to our technical and human resources and our know-how, ASTURCEME has the ability to adapt to any type of profile, both cone-shaped dimensions, by stamping or bending the metal sheet, thus optimizing the batch to be produced for further cost reduction. Each package is carefully studied to achieve full alignment with the item to carry in order to provide maximum security setting.

Stacking, Transportation and Installation
Thanks to the placement of threaded inserts, this packaging is completely removable, thus reducing storage space and facilitating their transport (eg, providing a 30 units lot, a trailer is able to accommodate at least 120 units) offering a quick and easy, enabling in turn reuse. In addition, the packaging is sturdy and stable enough to achieve the stacking height of the product it contains, significantly decreasing the space for stock, thereby reducing storage costs.

Product Maintenance
Galvanized sheet ensures the non-appearance of rust, preventing from a possible deterioration of the piece, while offering greater protection against impacts due to the controlled deformation of the material

The replacement of traditional wooden packaging, which is non recyclable by the metal packaging with a long tradition for it, helps to preserve the non-renewable environmental resources. In addition, they lower costs for end consumers since its price should discount what you get from the sale of the packaging once "scrapped". The metal packaging is designed for the shipping of the product it contains, with the advantage of non-CO2 emissions to the environment and avoiding road congestion.

Phytosanitary Advantages for the export
Currently, wood packaging must overcome a number of different phytosanitary controls of the product and can lead to delays, denials of the goods, etc. According to the conditions stipulated by the WTO in its "MEASURES PLANT, 8-9 November 2000 "and endorsed by the International Plant Protection Convention (IPPC).